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Yunho 2008 moment present in JaeJoong 2010 moment

First post so hope I'm doing this right~

Well a few nights ago I was rewatching Yoon Do Hyuns Love Letter from Oct 18 2008 when DBSK were there as guests.
Halfway through the show the MC asked them "Was there a musician that you watched and said 'Wow, I want to be like that person?'"
In Yunho's turn he said "For me, ever since I was young, I liked Lim Jaebum a lot. I really like that husky kind of voice."

How does this relate?

Well now fastforwarding to the Thanksgiving Live@Tokyo Dome 2010, JaeJoong performed "For You," and who is this by? No other than Lim Jaebum, one of Yunho's favorite singers!

How does this relate to JaeHo/YunJae?

The messege of the song conveys it straigforwardly, watch ^^

*posted in jaeho_yongwonhi here: ---> [YUNJAE]
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