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SM Town Arrival at LAX

So I woke up today at 7am to get ready to head to LA before 9am
Took the metro to the station, then got a flyaway bus to LAX
the pricing was alot, but worth it in the end!

When I got to LAX, with my friend and a fellow Cassie I met, we were a bit lost at the terminal so asked where we could go to see people who are landing and got directed the right way. As we entered the area, omg there were ALOT OF FANS THERE ALREADY:

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We waited for like 35mins and still no sign of anyone ><
Then one of the ladies working there approached the area from where I was and told the girls at the front that the artists weren't coming though here!
We didn't know if we should beleive them or not since sometimes they do that to get rid of more people to make way but after reasoning on asking why there wasn't any security, a few of them went to check.... then she was telling the truth!

It was a Shawol that checked and she came running back directing us to Exit C
So we started to jog/run there and everybody else followed XD
We waited and in like less than 5mins some snsd members appeared, it was taeyeon, yoona and yuri

then later I thought it was more snsd members but apparently it was f(x) -fail-
(checked my pics and caught Luna, Krystal or Victoria? and Sulli)

then BoA came out, she's so tiny and walked freaking fast o-o

after it was some actresses? people didn't know ^^;;;

THEN I thought it was Yunho!
nobody noticed so I was just like staring saying "yesnoyesyesnowaitaksjdfhlig" lol
(after he passed apparently it was Yesung?, that hair color made me think it was Yunho and since he was wearing sunglasses... sorry sorry D:)
so it happened to be Suju members!
Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk and dunno who else o-o

then SHINEE zomg Shawols went crazy XD;
I spotted Key right away and was all asjdfhgdfs then saw TaeMin, wearing a mask :/?, and that's it, couldn't see the other members in the sea of people ><

after I beleive was more Suju members:
Heechul, Siwon, Henry, Zhou Mi *_*
^^^ I KNEW IT WAS HEECHUL but caught up in the moment I accidentally yelled Leeteuk, so embarassing D:

and yeah then it was over ><
so I didn't get to see HoMin and decided to wait *_*
a guy had told the fellow Cassie that was with me that they had already came out but since he couldn't give us a time or anything we were skeptical.

We waited about 35mins after the whole thing, ppl were gone lol;;;
Some fans approached me cause I had a TVXQ banner hanging on my shoulder and would ask about HoMin, there were enough that cared<3

...after this I went to Ktown, got my ticket for the concert and got home within 12hrs since I started everything omg XD;
now reading online, apparently HoMin did come out first so ALOT of people missed seeing them, and they're like ninjas right now 'cause people don't know where they're staying at still ><

suju is at the marriott
snsd and f(x) are at the Wilshire
HoMin rumored to be at Sheraton *~*
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